Antioxital is specially formulated with properties of natural sources of antioxidants like Curcumin, Spirulina, Boswellia Serrata (Shallaki), Beta Carotene, Lycopene, and Piperine. All nutrients are essential for the overall health of your body and to boost your vitality so that you can enjoy a healthy life.
Antioxidants are compounds that control oxidation reactions. Free radicals build up constantly in your body and when they exceed the number of antioxidants, it can lead to a condition called oxidative stress. Free radicals can cause chronic disease. To limit oxidation we need antioxidants, which neutralize free radicals.


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Vitality Support

Antioxital tablets contains curcumin and spirulina (a superfood) which keep you energize during day to day work. According to modern science  these herbs helps detoxify the body and help to maintains healthy cholesterol level.

Detox Body

Active Spirulina Algae in Antioxital tablets plays a vital role to detox your body, keep you skin youthful and prevents you from wrinkles and pimples.

Boost Metabolism

Spirulina help a person to boosts metabolism rate  and make person to feel more energetic.


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Ingredients Per Serving (One Tablet)



250 mg


250 mg

Boswellia Serrata

300 mg


20 mg

Beta carotene

30 mg


7 mg


23 reviews for Antioxital – Powerful Antioxidant | Detoxify The Body

  1. vineet sharma

    Best thing in Antioxital is , It contains natural antioxidants like turmeric (curcumin), Spirulina etc. It is very effective and keep me energize whole day.

  2. subh goel

    good product, rejuvenate skin & keeps me energized

  3. Pulkit

    this was good reality good don’t think too much buy it

  4. rahul

    Very Nice Product Excellent Result
    The ingredients of Antioxital is amazing spirulina, curcumin, and other

  5. harman

    This product is very effective on me

  6. Shakti singh

    Perfect body balance

  7. Sonu pawar

    Very effective, amazing product with good results. I faced no side effects and the has no taste. Highly satisfied

  8. Ritik sharma

    I am giving this feedback after one month of usage.
    I have received some quite good results after using the product.

  9. suraj kumar

    Excellent [product and price is reasonable

  10. suraj kumar

    Value for money

  11. shubham

    Good Product.. Fully satisfied.. As per the description

  12. Tanveer Alam

    Best for the immunity and overall health

  13. Arjun saini

    The product worked really great… I bought this for my mom her condition is improving so fast without any side effects.

  14. Farman ali

    It is an amazing combination of curcumin, Spirulina, Lycopene, and beta carotene.

  15. Shurbhi singh

    Powerful Antioxidant

  16. Riya D

    Thanks for this wonderful product, packed well, presented well, works well and good customer service.

  17. Sushant singh

    Good quality product. Very happy. Thank you.

  18. Ravi

    Good Product. I am taking it regularly. no side effect

  19. Sahid gaur

    Value for money

  20. Ujjwal malik

    Quality looks awesome

  21. Aakash tomar

    i am buy this product because of spirulina.

  22. Rahman Mishra

    Good product packaging is also good delivery on time

  23. Harshita gupta

    Thankyou for this product
    Really impressive and good product for detoxification and glow your skin

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