The Formulation of Hiral Health’s Boheal Cream is extracted from the ancient Ayurveda Sculpture ” Charak Samhita”. It is herbal Cream that helps in recovery from muscle injuries or pain due to outdoor activities, daily household activities, and fitness or gym workouts.

Boheal cream contains ayurvedic ingredients to manage joint and muscle aches in a natural way.

Best use for Muscle Aches, Joint Stiffness, Knee Pain & Inflammation, Sprains, Back Pain, Strains, etc.

100% Herbal Formulation – Contains Asthisamhari, Gandapuro Oil, Pudina Phool (Menthol Crystal) & Kapoor (Camphor) to support bone, joints, and muscle injuries without any side effects.

Boheal Cream is useful to reduce arthritis symptoms.

Boheal Cream is just not a Pain Killer, It’s a Pain Healer.

1 review for Boheal Cream – | Best Use for Joint Pain, Strain, Sprain, Muscles Pain, Back Pain, Knee Pain | 100% Ayurvedic

  1. rahul

    very effective in joint pain and knee pain

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