Cholesfix is a compound of Arjuna, Flaxseed, garlic, guggul, and vitamins and minerals that helps reduce LDL (Low-density lipoprotein) called Bad cholesterol in our body and enhance good cholesterol HDL (High-density lipoprotein) in the body. Cholesfix plays a vital role in reducing bad cholesterol and Enhancing the strength of arteries that lead you to a healthy body with a healthy heart. Natural ingredients of cholesfix promote body detoxification that removes your body’s toxins.

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Hiral Health Cholesfix Contains Arjuna Bark. Which helps to Maintain blood lipid levels, and prevents the hardening of blood vessels by reducing lipid accumulation in the arteries. Arjuna is used extensively in maintaining healthy blood pressure, normal cardiac functioning, and promoting cardiorespiratory endurance.


Cholesfix is loaded with natural antioxidants that help to fight the harmful free radicals in our body. This, in turn, protects the body cells from harmful bacteria and germs.


Hiral Health Cholesfix contains Herbs that Detoxify your body eliminates harmful toxins in the body and increases energy levels


It supports the proper function of the Heart and helps your body to get fit and Keep remaining energetic.

Proof of Quality

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The product is manufactured by Hiral Labs Limited, which is a WHO: GMP certified company. Herbs are purchased from local trustworthy suppliers in their natural form and are tested for quality. Ingredients are then washed, ground, sieved, and compressed into Tablet form. To ensure the quality, the product passes through various levels of Tests and Quality Control procedures at several stages of production before it is ready for consumption

Ingredients Per Serving (One Tablet)


Arjuna Bark Powder


Flax Seed Powder


Dalchini Powder


guggul Extract


Garlic Extract


Vitamin B3


Vitamin D




26 reviews for Cholesfix – Natural Blend for Heart Health, Cholesterol & Triglyceride Control, Cardiovascular Support, and Maintaining Blood Pressure – With Arjuna Bark, Flax Seed, & Vitamins

  1. Samiksha

    I have been using cholesfix for two months regularly, and I have noticed many health-related changes in my body. Now my blood pressure is under control, and I am not tired from daily household chores and normal walks.

  2. Rahil

    It is very beneficial for cholesterol and also maintains blood pressure.

  3. Harmet kaur

    I purchased it because its main ingredients are garlic, Flax and Arjuna which I know are best for heart cure… and am getting positive results.

  4. Satyam Malik

    Amazing Product.

  5. Rajveer saini

    Regularly taking it. feeling ok. Hope will take care of my heart and B.P.

  6. Shivkant saini saini

    Nice product
    Value of money
    Quality for material

  7. Tabassum

    for maintaining active lifestyle and energy this product is very useful.
    buy it

  8. Sameer khan

    Helped me control my cholesterol.

  9. Satish chand

    Good product at reasonable price

  10. Amrit singh

    If u have to control cholesterol go for it.

  11. Firoz Alam

    Excellent quality product

  12. Muzammil khan

    Nice product
    Value of money
    Quality for material

  13. Shubham bhatt

    Good product

  14. Simran singh

    The product got deliver on time . The packing ws also good

  15. Lokesh tyagi

    excellent product…helps to keep you active through out the day.
    continue for at least 2 months for maximum benefit .

  16. kumar shanu

    Its good one works for my mother

  17. Ashmit k

    Arjuna is good for heart health so i can buy this product

  18. Roshan

    Good for heart

  19. suhail khan

    very effective on me fully satisfied by the product

  20. Broken Heart Boy

    It is a great product I had some breathing issues and was not comfortable sleeping after using this product I am doing much better

  21. Mohd Adil

    I have ordered this product for my mom it is very effective and my mother likes it too

  22. Ankit mishra

    This product quality is very good. I use this product continuously

  23. Shahruk khan

    I am satisfied this product
    Thank you

  24. Shahruk khan

    I like the amazing co,combination of Arjuna, flax seeds, Guggul, Garlic

  25. Shahid ali

    Good in taste and Good product for control High cholesterol and maintain heart health for younger and old people.

  26. Gaurav metha

    Good product at reasonable price

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