Hiral Labs Limited is characterized by a robust quality management system. We have paid utmost attention when it comes to the quality of our range of products. We have a team of expert quality checkers to carry out a thorough quality testing process; to ensure that only the highest quality products are delivered to our customer end.

All Hiral Health's products are manufactured in GMP & ISO 22000:2018 certified facilities, and we only use non-genetically Modified ingredients for our quality products. We follow step-by-step four tier quality check to ensure the quality of final product.

Quality check of raw material

At the initial stage, we ensure that the ingredients used are of high quality. We perform a certificate of analysis (COA) for every ingredient in our QC lab.

Bulk testing

After the quality check of ingredients, all ingredients are processed as per the standard procedure. Then at the initial stage of processing sample is sent for the quality check to ensure the effectiveness of the product.

Semi-finish testing

Only after the preliminary stage result is received, the further processing start, and again the semi-finished sample is sent to the QC department for analysis.

Finish Product testing

When the product is in the final stage, the product sample is sent to quality control to ensure the quality of the finished product.